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“Never thought I’d say it but this has pretty much replaced my coffee. I just feel better when I use it. My bloating is totally gone. I’ve now started having it twice a day.”
~Tammy A.
“I start every morning with my Wakeup cup. The ingredients are amazing and I love to stick my nose in the bag and smell them : ) I just wish I could buy a larger bag. “
~Kathleen T.
“After a few weeks I noticed my mood and alertness are a lot better. I just feel sharper. Almost like the brain fog is finally gone. Loving it!”
~Judith H.
“I don’t ever go a day without this now. My friend recommended it to me and now I know why. The energy is much more consistent.”
~Suzanne C.

WakeUP Your Metabolism With Just 1 Cup A Day?!

Reboot & WakeUP Your Metabolism To Support Natural Weight Loss!

Better results on the scale!

More Clean, Natural Energy!

Soothe Stress!

Battle Bloating!

Fight Inflammation!

How It Works


Place One Sachet in Hot Water and Cover


Let Sit 10 Minutes To Extract All The Powerful Nutrients


Enjoy Your Metabolism WakeUp Cup Knowing You're Supporting Your Metabolism

60-Day 100% Guarantee!

The Super Nutrients Inside WakeUP Cup

Organic Ginger Root

Supports a normal appetite level, cuts inflammation, battles PMS

Organic Turmeric Root

Promotes a Healthy Gut, Supercharges Antioxidant levels, promotes detoxification

Organic Burdock Root

A powerhouse of antioxidants, kicks toxins out!

Organic Rhodiola Root

Adaptogen that combats fatigue, fights against stress

Organic Cinnamon Bark

Supports healthy weight loss, supports a fast metabolism

Organic Chicory Root

A potent prebiotic, may aid in digestion, supports healthy blood sugar

Organic Dandelion Root

Fights inflammation and full of antioxidants, Supports healthy weight loss and maintenance, Supports digestion

Organic Peppercorn

Supports absorption of all the crucial nutrients

Organic Schisandra Berry

Promotes liver detoxification, supports healthy blood sugar levels

Legendary Lady Approved









& All-Natural!

60-Day 100% Guarantee!

We'll refund every penny (even if it's returned empty!)

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60-Day 100% Guarantee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Metabolism WakeUP Cup gives your metabolism the nutrients each morning that it wants. This means you can wake up your metabolism each morning for a better day and get better results!

No! There is absolutely zero caffeine in the WakeUP Cup. That means anyone can use it at anytime during the day!

Deliciousness! Though to be a little more exact it's like a subtle taste of cinnamon with a sweet twist. And you're in complete control at all times! Want it stronger? Soak it for a few extra minutes. Want it sweeter? Add a little honey or lemon! Or even add your favorite milk or milk alternative. The sky is the limit!

No! There are absolutely zero diuretics in the WakeUP Cup. This is NOT that kind of drink. (avoid those others for best results!)

No! There are no hidden fees and this is a one-time payment only. If you wish to signup for a subscription later, you may have the opportunity to do that in the future. But you will know you're signing up for it because we are 100% transparent. You will NEVER be added to anything without your express permission. And if there is ever a misunderstanding, just contact us and we'll fix it right away. We're always just an email or phone call away : )

While most people have it first thing in the morning, you can use it in the afternoon, or even in the evening. It's a very versatile recipe that is flexible to your schedule and needs.

For starters you get the fun 7-Day Metabolism WakeUP Challenge! This is where we'll take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what to do to wake up and boost your own metabolism. 

You also get free recipes, discounts on other products, a member's only community and so much more!
60-Day 100% Guarantee!
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