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I’m on a mission to help one million women to reach their goal by boosting their metabolism and aligning their hormones…  

BUT, I realized that most people don’t get started with the proven Unleashed system because they have some kind of doubt…

In the back of their mind they might be thinking, “Does this really work? Will this work for me? What if I can’t do this?”

And I get it…

I know Unleashed works because I see hundreds of new success stories each and every day. (Women all over the globe, from every background, with every issue under the sun… success story after success story)

So of course I know it will work for you…

But, I also know that YOU probably haven’t seen everyone else’s results.

So of course, I realize you probably don’t have the same conviction or confidence that I do.

So I thought, “how can I make getting started so easy that anyone can do it, everyone can afford it, and they can get started right now?!”

So I came up with a crazy idea!

When you invest in yourself for just $1, you’ll get complete access to the full Unleashed system for over two full weeks. 

That’s right, 15 full days so you can get started and see REAL results BEFORE you have to decide if it’s right for you!

And that means in less than 15 days you could be down, 5, 6, 8, or even 10 pounds or more before you have to make up your mind!

And you will see such amazing progress in just a few days because you’ll have access to everything you need. 

Because when you invest just $1 right now on this secret page, that means you get all phases of Unleashed 2.0 like…

Your complete metabolic Jumpstart and all the bonuses.

This is where you’ll detox from disruptors that are sabotaging your success. This has a value of over $198.

You also get access to the complete ReAlign phase.

This is where women lose 30, 50, even 100+ pounds or more while aligning their hormones so they can feel like their best selves again. Your 15 days of access is worth over $47 and you get it today when you join this $1 experience.

And, a surprise bonus…

You also get access to the brand new Nothing Less Than Legendary challenge that we’re all doing together in just a few days. That means you can join in on the fun, and get the help, support, and accountability that you need. (We start in just a few days and this challenge is worth $150 dollars)

So that’s over $393 in value for one little dollar!

And in these next 15 days of using the Unleashed system and challenge you will lose weight, get more energy, AND start to feel better than you have in years!

And only then, after seeing your amazing results, will you decide to keep going or not.

That means this is…


YOU get results, and I get to prove to you how effective Unleashed is and how it can change your life.

Then, when you’re loving your results, just keep your access and you’ll be on our low Legendary price of just 67/m until you hit your goal. 

(Most women stay a member for a few months until they reach their goal)

And you can rest easy because you can cancel your access anytime day or night right in your portal.

No need to send an email, or call and wait on hold, or talk to a salesperson… NO! you can cancel anytime day or night and you don’t have to talk to anyone. You just hit one simple button and you’re cancelled.

You are always in complete control!

(We even email you before it renews in case you forget!!!)

It really is that easy!

So, why $1?

Well, I’ve found that those that put down some type of investment in themselves are more than 100 times more likely to get started.

So charging one measly dollar allows me to separate the fakers from the action takers.

The fakers are those who aren’t serious, they just want to look at things, say they “tried”, and then quit.

And they are the ones who stay stuck in their same situation, getting worse and worse as each year goes by.

And I don’t want that for you!

So the $1 makes sure we get action takers like you and not any fakers.

Because let’s be honest, someone who won’t put down $1, probably isn’t ready to get the body and life of their dreams : (

But, for action takers like you, let me prove to you how effective Unleashed is and how you can use it to get the body and life you deserve! : )

I know it seems like a crazy deal…

Almost too good to be true…

BUT, it’s in my best interest to give you everything you need to get you amazing results right now…


Well because when you see incredible results, then you’ll most likely stay a member for a while… AND you might just tell a friend or two!

So that means we both win and that’s why it’s in my best interest to give you this access worth $393 for just $1

AND, you still have nothing to risk because even the $1 is guaranteed risk free! 

Because if you can honestly say to my team, “it wasn’t worth the $1”, I’ll even refund the dollar!

That’s how confident I am that this will work for you!

I’m taking on ALL the risk if you’re an action taker and willing to invest in yourself.

And it’s smart to jump in right now because it’s the perfect time… We’re about to start the Boost your metabolism challenge and I want you there with all of us!

This will make getting to your goal even.

 Easier and Faster!

So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To get the life you really want all you need right now is one buck and the willingness to try.

I KNOW you can do this because you’ll have the Legendary Lady family right there helping you every step of the way.

So to get started just fill out your info somewhere on this page, hit the button and you’ll be in and ready to go.

Then you’ll have access and clear instructions to getting started…

And in no time you too will be on the path to a new body and life…

A life that you probably didn’t think you could reach so quickly.

Just imagine… joining Unleashed and knowing EXACTLY what to do for your metabolism and hormones…

Imagine seeing the number on the scale plummet as your clothes get looser and looser…

Imagine transforming your body and feeling confident in your own skin… So that when you walk into a room, EVERYONE wonders what YOUR secret is.

It’s all right here on this secret page for the next day or so.

And because this is 100% guaranteed, all you have to do is say “maybe” and give it a try. 

And only AFTER seeing your amazing results do you then decide if it’s right for you.

Think about it, I would only do this if I was 100% confident it would work for you and you’d do amazing.

So jump in, let me prove to you how Legendary you truly are and let’s get you to your dream life!

But do hurry because this incredible offer expires in just a few days.

Plus, we’re about to start the challenge and I want YOU to join us.

So look below, fill out your information and I’ll see you inside in a second!

P.S. After getting in please come introduce yourself in our private community. I’ll see you soon!

~Kalli : )

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Yes! You have a full 15 days to try out Unleashed 2.0 before you make up your mind! You’re always covered with our Legendary Lady guarantee!

Yes! You are in complete control at all times. If you decided you don’t want to renew, just hit the “cancel” button in your portal and you will never be billed again!
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