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(IMPORTANT UPDATE: The initial free batch of 1,000 cards sold out so quickly that Kalli had another 5,000 produced to give away. But once this batch of cards is gone they will go back to the regular retail price. Please limit 1 set per household!)
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“I almost gave up at my age. But removing the disruptors listed for my metabolism type is giving me noticeable results. I’m pretty sure I feel better now than I did in my 40’s!”
~Carol R.  Age: 63
“I LOVE these cards! Knowing what to eat has always been a struggle and these just make it so much easier. Highly recommended!”
~Tara L. Age: 39
“My friend recommended these to me and now I use them daily. My only (minor) complaint is that I wish the text was a little larger.”
~Kristin D. Age: 56
“The metabolism test that came with my cards was very accurate and it made everything customized to me. My mom even ordered a set for herself after seeing my results.”
~Rochelle W. Age: 43

The Fab 5 Metabolism Cards!

Card 1: Metabolism Disruptors (Food & Cosmetics)
All 57 food disruptors to avoid, plus the disruptors hiding in beauty products! This card is a MUST have!
Card 2: Sneaky Sugars & Easy Sugar Swaps
Foods companies hide sugar under 68 different names! Once you identify them you can cut them out and eat more natural sugar
Card 3: Metabolism Boosting Food List
Which foods boost your metabolism? This card will show you EXACTLY which foods are best!
Card 4: Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen
The top 15 foods that are a waste of money to buy organic… And the top 12 foods which contain the most pesticides (disruptors!)
Card 5: Eating Out Restaurant Guide
See specific restaurants and EXACTLY what to order to boost and protect your metabolism! This is our most popular card!
BONUS: Private Metabolism Boosting Group!
When you get your own set you will also gain access to Kalli’s private metabolism boosting group! This group is for women who are looking for the best way to boost THEIR metabolism without gimmicks!
Knowing exactly what to eat for our metabolism can be confusing…
Many women first come to me and ask things like, “What should I eat?”
“Should I have fruit?”
“Can I have carbs?”
“What about sweets?”
“Is there anything I shouldn’t eat?”
“Which foods give me energy?”
“Which foods boost my metabolism?”
“What about eating out at restaurants?!”
And I can’t blame them for all their questions…
Because thanks to fad eating plans women are more confused than ever!
But that’s NOT what I want for anyone!
Because I was once there too.
I know how confusing and frustrating it can be to not know what to do. To not know what’s right for ourselves…
But once I stumbled upon “Metabolic Signaling” everything fell into place.
And I want to share what I’ve discovered with you…
Because when you analyze your own metabolism with a simple test I’m going to give to you…
It can unlock the secrets to the best foods for YOU…
Foods like the best metabolism boosting foods
Energy foods
Your custom list of disruptors that can slow down your metabolism… And how to spot them!
The best foods to eat at restaurants for best results…
And so much more!
You’ll also get my easy-to-use “cheat sheets” called The Fabulous 5 Metabolism Cards! (just help me with the small s/h fee so I can get them to you).
These cards will be your go-to companion whenever you go shopping, eat out at restaurants, or when you’re planning your next meal.
They are small enough to fit in a purse and they are sturdy. Ready to travel with you wherever you go!
Now, if I were you I’d be wondering right now, “why is she giving these $25 cards away for just the shipping?!
Great question and there’s a very specific reason why I’m doing this…
Because I decided I wanted to leave my mark on the world
Sure, I’ve worked with celebrities, I’ve changed the lives of my private clients…
But I want to help more than just my private clients
In fact I want to help one million women to boost their metabolism…
I call it…

The Million Metabolisms Mission!

And to kick off the mission I’m giving away 1,000 5,000 sets of the Fabulous 5 Metabolism Cards!
Here’s what you get when you join my Million Metabolism’s Mission and you grab a set of these cards before they’re gone…

Card 1: The Full Disruptors Card

This card contains a list of ALL the disruptors I recommend to avoid.
And it also includes YOUR list of disruptors that affect you (you’ll simply take a quick test so we know which ones you should avoid)
It also includes a list of the worst cosmetic disruptors
Because there are disruptors hiding inside cosmetics too.
Which is important because our biggest organ is our skin.
And our skin absorbs whatever we put on it.
So making sure to avoid disruptors in cosmetics, lotions and sunscreens becomes very important.
So simply take this card to the store with you and when you are looking at either a food item or a cosmetic/beauty product to buy, look at this list of ingredients first.
The goal is to try and find products without disruptors, or that have the least amount disruptors in them.
This one card will make buying healthy items a thousand percent easier.
You will become a food expert in no time.
You will be the person that all your friends and family look to for advice on what to eat and buy.

Card 2: Clean 15 & The Dirty Dozen

Have you ever heard that you need to buy all organic food just to be healthy? I sure have.
And it’s simply NOT true!
Many foods are a complete waste of money if you buy them organic.
However there are a few foods that when tested are packed full of pesticides.
And pesticides can disrupt our metabolism and our hormones.
And those dirty foods aren’t what I thought they would be!
So on this small card I’ve listed the Clean 15 (the foods that you don’t need to buy organic because they come so clean anyway), and the Dirty Dozen.
The Dirty Dozen are the 12 foods that test the highest for pesticides (which can’t be easily washed off either!).
So get this card so you can avoid the worst offending items, while saving a ton of money too!
If I could only give people one card, it might be this one.
Because those pesticides can cause all sorts of problems and serious diseases.

Card 3: Sneaky Sugars & Sugar Substitutes

Did you know that food companies have over 68 different names for sugar?
Because they want to hide sugar in our food! 
They know that consumers are trying to avoid sugar as much as possible, so they use tricky names to try and hide it.
I call these ingredients “Sneaky Sugars.”
And these sneaky sugars hide in some of the most innocent looking items like some salad dressings.
In fact several salad dressings have more sugar than a Snickers candy bar!
So why would we want to avoid sneaky sugars?
Well when we avoid them we can then choose to eat our favorite treats more often!
Because the less sugar we eat without knowing it gives us more control over our results.
And more control means we can choose to eat our favorite treats when we want to.

Card 4: Metabolism Boosting Foods List

Ever wondered what foods are best for your metabolism?
Well this card is the answer to that question.
It lists out all the best foods that can boost our metabolism. 
And on the back of the card is a list of foods that can give us more energy.
So if you ever feel tired during the day, simply pick a food on this card to get more energy.
And these aren’t “weird” foods either.
They are delicious, natural foods you can buy at most any store.
Add these foods in for a faster metabolism and more energy!

Card 5: How To Eat Out For Your Metabolism

This is everyone’s favorite card.
In a nutshell it shows you popular restaurants and the most metabolism friendly items available.
It also shows you how to analyze any restaurant so you can find the best item for you.
And this is important because eating out can wreak havoc on our metabolism and hormones.
Because restaurants use all sorts of tricks to hide disruptors and get you to eat unhealthy foods.
For example, did you know that ordering the salad might be the WORST thing you could do at a restaurant?
Which means once you know what to look for you can actually order what you REALLY want instead of getting the boring (and unhealthy) salad.
This card is fun and will supercharge your results. 

A Complete Metabolic Profile Test

How do you know what’s right for YOUR metabolism?
Well when you get the Fab 5 Cards you’ll also get a complete analysis of your metabolism.
We’re going to look at your Metabolic Signals and determine which type of metabolism YOU have.
This way you’ll know exactly which type you are and then you simply follow the specific instructions on your cards for your type.
It’s that simple!
The metabolic profile test will also show you your natural strengths and the next steps to boosting your metabolism
Getting more energy
And making sure you hit your personal goals.
This test is THE key to making everything work!
But this free offer won’t last forever!
I only have 1,000 5,000 to give away and there’s no guarantee I’ll ever do this again.
So grab your set before they’re gone.
Plus you can feel confident in doing so because they’re completely guaranteed!
Look, I know you only have to help with the s/h fee, and you don’t have to pay the $25 retail price for the Fab 5 Cards…
BUT I still want this to be as risk-free as possible!
So when you get your cards and use them for a few weeks… if you don’t think they were worth the small s/h fee, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny back to you!
No questions asked!
Now I know I could go broke if people started doing that… but I’m 110% confident that these cards are worth at least the retail price of $25… so I’m sure you’ll love them when you get them for just the small shipping fee!
So you have nothing to worry about because I have you covered.
And I think you’ll be so glad you got a set because just imagine what life will be like when you know which foods are best for you…
Imagine walking into the store knowing EXACTLY which foods are best for your metabolism…
Imagine avoiding the hidden traps that most women fall into… (But not you, you know exactly what to watch out for)
Imagine knowing what to eat when you go to your favorite restaurant and you order with confidence…
Imagine being the food expert your friends ask all their questions to…
And imagine feeling like you have control once again because you have the knowledge of what’s right for YOU and YOUR metabolism…
It can all be yours.
Simply fill out the form above and let me know where to ship your Fab 5 Metabolism Cards…
Then in just a few short days your fresh set of Metabolism Cards will arrive via First Class mail…
And while you’re waiting you can also jump into my private metabolism and hormone community
Inside this community you can ask me questions and get the help you need!
But this incredible offer goes away as soon as the cards are gone.
The first set of 1,000 cards sold out in just a few days so don’t miss out…
So fill out the form above and let me know where to ship your cards…
I’ll see you on the inside!


P.S. If you scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page to see what this is all about, let me explain it in a few sentences: I’m giving away my $25 Fab 5 Metabolism cards for just the cost of shipping for a short time. Just use the promo code you have or get one on this page if there are any left.

P.P.S. In just a few days your cards will arrive in a cute, little baby-blue envelope. If you have any questions about them you can ask them in the private metabolism community, or you can also email support at the link below!
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