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I’m so happy you’re requesting your Fabulous 5 Metabolism Cards!
You will soon be getting better results by removing the metabolism disruptors that are slowing you down…
But, how can we flush out the disruptors we’ve already been exposed to?! And how can we get the nutrients our metabolism is missing?!

The Metabolism WakeUP Cup!

The Metabolism WakeUP Cup is packed full of the nutrients your metabolism actually needs!
Now you can reboot and wake up your metabolism again with a simple morning drink.
The WakeUP Cup will allow you to…
And it’s so simple to use!
Simply drop one WakeUP Cup sachet into a cup…
Pour in some hot water…
Let it brew for a few minutes… then enjoy!
You’ll be getting all the nutrients that will wake up your metabolism again in just a few short minutes a day.
And the WakeUP Cup also…

Tastes Delicious!

Women are raving about how delicious the WakeUP Cup taste! (Many are even replacing their morning coffee with their WakeUP Cup!)
The WakeUP Cup also contains ZERO caffeine, stimulants, and laxatives! This means you will be melting away stress while also supporting your metabolism the natural way.
The WakeUP Cup is also… 

100% Organic and All Natural

And with the results women are getting, it’s quickly made The WakeUP Cup our most popular product we’ve ever launched!
We believe it’s because once women try it, they tell all their friends about it.
So, we came up with a crazy idea…
We thought we’d make it as easy as possible for you to try the WakeUP Cup for yourself. Because when you love it, that means more women will hear about it!
This means we both win!
So, this means right now, on this page only, when you get your WakeUP Cup you will be getting much more than just an amazing product…
You’ll also be getting…

$196 in Bonuses For FREE!

Here’s what you’re getting right now when you get your own Metabolism WakeUP Cup on THIS page:

1. Your Own Customized Metabolism Jumpstart!

The Metabolism Jumpstart is what will help you flush out and detox from all the disruptors that are causing you problems.
This is our most popular program and it’s because it’s so effective!
In just four short days you’ll see the scale go lower, your cravings will vanish, and you’ll feel like a new person!
Women gladly pay $67 for their Jumpstart and it’s worth every penny (and more)! But it’s your 100% for free when you get your Metabolism WakeUP Cup on THIS page!
And your Jumpstart works perfectly with you WakeUP Cup. Because while the Jumpstart helps you detox from disruptors, the WakeUP Cup supercharges your metabolism by giving you the nutrients your metabolism needs.
It’s this powerful combination that gives women such amazing results!
But that’s not all you get! You also get…

2. The 1-Day Jumpstart!

So if you ever have a bad day, (maybe you ate some foods that have you feeling not-so-great) just do the 1-day jumpstart so you can erase those foods and get those disruptors out fast!
This means you never have to feel bad or guilty ever again!
This is the easiest way to get back on track no matter what’s happened!
The 1-Day Jumpstart has a value of $37 and it’s yours free when you grab your Jumpstart now!

3. You also get the “Transition Phase” of the Jumpstart!

After your 4-Day Jumpstart is over I won’t just leave you hanging. I’ll give you the simplest and easiest way to solidify your results and show you how to lose even more!
Doing this simple Transition Phase will make sure your results actually stick!
The Transition Phase has a value of $40, but it’s yours free when you grab your Jumpstart!

4. You even get 15 FREE days to try out the incredible Unleashed program!

Unleashed is there if you want even more help after your Jumpstart with your hormones.
This is the A-to-Z plan with done-for-you meal plans, recipes, and EVERYTHING you could ever need to get to your dream goal!
This is where women lose 30, 50, and even 100+ pounds or more!
And you get to try it out 100% for free for over two weeks! (You will setup your account on the next page)
And these 15 FREE days are worth $52!

And You Get All $196 In Bonuses For FREE For Simply Getting Your Metabolism WakeUP Cup On This Page...

This means the bonuses alone more than pay for the small investment in your WakeUP Cup today. It’s almost like getting your WakeUP Cup for FREE!
And you also have nothing at risk because you are covered by a…

120-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that you’ll love your Metabolism WakeUP Cup that I’m putting “my money where my mouth is”!
That means you can return your WakeUP Cup anytime during the first 120 days. This will give you plenty of time to try it out without ANY risk!
Which means you don’t even need to decide “yes” right now. Just decide “maybe” and give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by just saying “maybe” and giving it a try. 
So simply choose your discounted package below and we’ll rush out your WakeUp Cup (with FREE shipping) right away! You’ll also get instant access to all of the $196 in bonuses for FREE!
IMPORTANT UPDATE: All three previous batches of WakeUP Cup sold out less than two days each time. And getting more has taken us months with the current supply chain issues… 
But great news: A new small batch just arrived! So it’s a smart idea to get as much as you can right here while it’s available and while you’re getting a massive discount. We often have to limit the amount people can buy at any one time so this is a rare opportunity. So if there are any 6-bag packages still available below, you might want to grab it before it’s gone. Women often get the larger packages because they hate to be seeing amazing success and then run out and not be able to get more when they need it. 
Another benefit to getting a bigger package is that they are the best deal. We can offer a larger discount because it saves us on fulfillment and shipping costs.
Of course, the choice is always yours. Choose the package that’s right for your situation. And remember, you’re totally covered by the generous 120 day, 100% money back guarantee no matter which package you choose!

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“Never thought I’d say it but this has pretty much replaced my coffee. I just feel better when I use it. My bloating is totally gone. I’ve now started having it twice a day.”

~Tammy A.

“I start every morning with my Wakeup cup. The ingredients are amazing and I love to stick my nose in the bag and smell them : ) I just wish I could buy a larger bag!”

~Kathleen T.

“After a few weeks I noticed my mood and alertness are a lot better. I just feel sharper. Almost like the brain fog is finally gone. Loving it!”
~Judith H.
“I don’t ever go a day without this now. My friend recommended it to me and now I know why. The energy is much more consistent.”
~Suzanne C.
Still on the fence? 
Here are just a few of our most recent success stories from women who were sitting right where you are now just a few short weeks ago:

Jessica Shares Her Story:

Peg talks about what changed everything for her:

Noelle shares her incredible results:

And you too can get amazing results when you simply use your WakeUP Cup along with your Metabolic Jumpstart!
In fact…
All that is possible with your Metabolism WakeUP Cup and customized Metabolism Jumpstart!
So choose your discounted package and you’ll get immediate access to your Jumpstart, ALL the bonuses, and we’ll rush out your WakeUP Cup…

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Want to see even more case studies? 
Here’s just a fraction of the amazing results we see each and every day, along with how much women are LOVING their Metabolism WakeUP Cup!:
And you too can see amazing results!
So grab your WakeUP Cup and get your Jumpstart and all the bonuses by choosing your package below:
I can’t wait to see your amazing results!

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