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As you may know The Metabolism WakeUP Cup (WUC) has sold out three times since it first launched just a few months ago.
And the #1 question we get in emails and on our Facebook Lives is, “When will WakeUP Cup be back in stock?!?!”
Women ask this because immediately after people try WUC they want more!
Women use it daily and even use it to replace their daily coffee because…
You can even add your favorite milk alternative and/or creamer for a delicious morning drink that rivals ANY coffee.

That makes WUC a total game changer!

WUC is so popular that we even fight for access to it in our office!
And I’m so sad when it’s out of stock because I hate women not being able to use it. It makes being healthy so much easier! 

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“Never thought I’d say it but this has pretty much replaced my coffee. I just feel better when I use it. My bloating is totally gone. I’ve now started having it twice a day.”
~Tammy A.
“I start every morning with my Wakeup cup. The ingredients are amazing and I love to stick my nose in the bag and smell them : ) I just wish I could buy a larger bag!”
~Kathleen T.
“After a few weeks I noticed my mood and alertness are a lot better. I just feel sharper. Almost like the brain fog is finally gone. Loving it!”
~Judith H.
“I don’t ever go a day without this now. My friend recommended it to me and now I know why. The energy is much more consistent.”
~Suzanne C.
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