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Each week you get…
-New meal plans based on your metabolic type
-Easy and delicious recipes
-Instructional videos to help you take control of your hormones and metabolism
-And “office hours” where you can ask Kalli all your burning questions.

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Love this program so much I decided to join as a lifetime member! Will be able to keep myself on track and have access to all the great recipes and supplements.

Vee A

I’m so happy and grateful for this opportunity to purchase the lifetime membership of Realign! I had started 3 years ago with Unleashed and it worked for me but when i fell off the wagon, i couldnt get back bec monthly membership fees was started and it was too pricey for me bec it was not a priority for me. But it has been hard trying to do what i used to do so when i saw the lifetime membership—I grabbed it and i can now do it at my own pace and it has been really effective although it was rather a slow lifestyle change rather than a drastic weight loss (which was not the intended outcome, as properly explained by Kalli) but that it’s not a yo-yo diet for me anymore and even with some uncontrolled cheats (cravings!) i was steadily losing weight and looking forward to cont to lose weight as i pick myself up to cont towards the path of Legendary Ladies! I am just a little worried that what if Kalli decides to stop and takes down the website anytime—then i will be helpless since i am relying on this membership, but then again, i am not really losing sleep about that, but i just wish there was some assurance about it. Anyway, it has been enducational journey and am still learning a lot about how metabolism affects our body and how what we eat paves the way towards having either a good or bad metabolism even after the age of 50! Thanks so much again and more power to Kalli and the support gurus! 😘😘😘

Debra Taylor
Realign Lifetime Founder Member

I am thrilled and grateful for this hassle free option and opportunity. We travel to locations that doesn't always have internet activity and I didn't want to waste my monthly membership nor did I want to fuss with cancelling it and then reinstating it when we returned, in case I forgot. I love what this program has done for my health and weight. I joined in August 2023. Note: I actually began my weight loss journey January 2023 on my own (The 17 Day Diet; The Reader’s Digest Diet; The Mediterranean Diet; etc.) at 206.6 lbs. and lost 28lbs in 7.5 months. I needed/wanted more structure, guidance, motivation, and support. I happened upon Kalli’s presentation by accident (which was meant to be). Kalli's program, the Gurus, and Legendary Ladies support group was exactly what I needed and I have been blessed. To date, I've lost 37 lbs., 31+ inches, and learned how to eat for my metabolism and hormones not to mention all the health benefits. Oh, and the food is absolutely delicious - I find myself looking forward to the customized meals I prepare from the recipes provided.

Debi Wellmeier

I Love being apart of this group. It is helping me look at eating a different way! I’m still trying to get back on track!

Dee Kohler

What I love about the 2024 new me for new year package is having EVERYTHING I need to be successful for the challenge. From the Wake Up Cup to the Krill oil and Rebuild = Success!!!