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Now you can get all the benefits of the best collagen product on the market... while also having a delicious, refreshing treat!

It’s a fact that women LOVE Rebuild Collagen…

It’s one of our most popular and subscribed to products…
So much so that we recently launched a limited edition flavor…
Legendary Limeade!
Unfortunately, it sold out in record time!
And those who didn’t buy enough have been out for nearly a year…
And ever since then the #1 question I get is, “When can I get more Limeade?!”
Or, when is a new flavor coming out?!
That’s why I’m so so excited to introduce you to the new limited edition flavor…

Power Punch!

Women have been begging me for a new flavored version of Rebuild for over a year!
(And even though Legendary Limeade was my favorite… I firmly believe Power Punch has taken the top spot in my favorite flavor of all time!!!)
Now, while the unflavored version of Rebuild is amazing to mix into foods like oatmeal, smoothies, even coffee…
The new Power Punch version is perfect for when you’re on-the-go and you just want to add water.
Which makes it perfect for when you don’t have have something to mix it with, or you just want a delicious drink that gives you the benefits of collagen.
And the Power Punch version is still disruptor free and provides all the same benefits of the original version.
It’s packed with top quality collagen, vitamin C, AND Boron!!!
These ingredients support your natural collagen production, skin, and even bones.
Rebuild’s boron citrate also supports antioxidant levels that help flush out toxins… that means it helps kick out those nasty free radicals that we’re exposed to from everyday foods.
Meaning, you can fight back against those rapid aging signs!
And that makes Rebuild the most complete collagen product on the market today… and that’s probably why we can’t keep it in stock!
And this new Power Punch version uses only natural fruit to get it’s amazing pink color and amazing flavor.
Fruits like pineapple, orange, guava, cherry and more! That means there’s ZERO artificial colors or flavors!!!
But I have to warn you… this new flavor is a limited edition.
That means once it’s gone, it’s probably gone forever!
So if you’re on the fence you should grab some now because I’m positive you’ll love it!
Power Punch took over nine months to get juuuust right. We tried flavor after flavor after flavor… and this amazing Power Punch is the result of numerous taste tests and reformulations.
It fits perfectly into our motto: “Nothing Less Than Legendary!”
Rebuild Power Punch taste amazing, it’s refreshing, and it’s the best way to get your daily collagen in.
So grab your own Power Punch Rebuild now by tapping the button below!

Need a reminder of how great Rebuild Collagen is and how it works?

Simply read the short page below to see how it all works…

As you probably know by now our body and metabolism is always sending out signals.

And when we know what these signals mean we have the power to get the results we want.
We can feel better, look our best, and truly have a legendary life.
So many Legendary Ladies have asked me to help them with a very specific set of signals…
In fact, have you experienced ANY of these signals…

What does having any of these signals mean?

Well they can be a sign that our collagen production has been damaged and/or reduced.
This can happen from being exposed to disruptors in food, beauty products, and even daily disruptors like air pollution and stress.
Now, as kids we could handle these disruptors because our natural collagen production was so high.
But starting at just age 20, our own collagen production falls 1% EACH year…
By 40 we’ve lost roughly 25% of our own ability to produce collagen…
And by 60?… we’ve lost over HALF of our ability to produce collagen!
And it’s a fact that reduced collagen makes us look and feel older than we actually are. It’s the major cause behind rapid aging.
And I don’t know about you but I always want to look and feel my best no matter what my age is.
It’s true that…

Age is just a number…

But it’s nice to have people think that number is lower than it is ; )

Plus, I want to feel as young as possible for as long as possible. 
Because it’s not just about “life span,” it’s about “health span”!
And cutting out disruptors is a great first step to accomplishing that…
But, that’s not all we can do!
How would you like to get three times your results and get those results even faster?!

The Collagen Kickstart!

Right now on this secret page I’m going to show you how to get my popular Collagen Kickstart program (which retails for $47)… for FREE!

What is the Collagen Kickstart?

The Collagen Kickstart is designed to help pull out the disruptors from your collagen…

While also giving you the best natural ingredients and recipes that will help boost your natural collagen production.

It’s five fun days of face masks, drinks, tonics, and even collagen supporting meals that will have you feeling and looking your best.

And because you’re a Legendary Lady, you can also get the proven Collagen Kickstart program for free when you get ANY of what I call…

My Secret Weapon...

What is my secret weapon?

Well it’s what I use daily to help me look and feel my best even after having gone through 9 reconstructive hip surgeries.
Joint pain is something I used to suffer from daily. And this secret weapon is my most important tool to fighting against it.

Introducing Rebuild!

Rebuild contains top collagen supporting ingredients to help you get results.

These ingredients have been shown to help support our own natural collagen production.
Which means we can start to repair and replace all the damage done by those disruptors!

So the Collagen Kickstart gets rid of the collagen damaging disruptors… and Rebuild gives you the ingredients you need to support your natural collagen production.
That means we can…

look and feel our best!

We can have stronger and faster-growing hair and nails…

Our skin can be moisturized, soft and supple…

And even our joints and muscles can feel good again. 

Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of the endless aches and pains!
This is the best way I know to turn back the clock and to get the life we want, no matter our age!
Rebuild is my secret weapon to keep my hips and joints from aching, even after double hip replacements.
I use it every single day to look and feel my best…
Because Rebuild is disruptor free and…

Legendary Lady Approved!

You can even use it during your Jumpstart and with ReAlign!

Now, I know you’ve probably seen “collagen” type products out there.

The problem is that most of them contain inferior collagen that’s packed full of disruptors! And disruptors in these products ruins the whole point of taking them!
Using those products with disruptors is like flushing money down the toilet!
Plus many of them don’t even have enough collagen to have an effect… or they use low-grade collagen from contaminated sources. Not good!
I know this because I searched for years and I couldn’t find a product that I wanted to use or that I could recommend to my clients.
So I took over a year and worked with the best formulators and the best ingredients in the world….
And after lots of trial and error, Rebuild was born!
Rebuild is a product I trust. Which means I use itmy clients use it, and I can even recommend it to my own mom!
And remember, when you get any amount of Rebuild today, you also get…

The Collagen Kickstart
Program For FREE!

And that’s not all you get.

You also get an amazing discount on Rebuild right now because of the new Power Punch launch!
But this discount and the Collagen Kickstart bonus is only available right now on this secret page. 
And the more Rebuild you get right now the more you save!
But, this incredible deal is ONLY available for a short time while we launch Power Punch Rebuild to all the Legendary Ladies.
So select your package below so you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity you have right now.
So you can start to feel and look your best…
So you can stop the collagen disruptors, pull them out, and start to get your life back.
Imagine a life of better skin, hair, nails… 
Imagine less joint and muscle pain…
And imagine feeling like you’re 10 years younger again!
Just look at what the first few people are saying after trying Rebuild…
And I can’t wait to see what amazing things it can do for you!
But do hurry because Power Punch Rebuild is only available while supplies last!
So grab your special discount now by selecting the right package below and we’ll rush it right out to you…


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Again, I don’t want to rush you but please know that this offer only lasts while supplies last.

So grab yours now before someone else grabs it from you.

And you can feel confident in your purchase today because Rebuild is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. 

Use it for 30 days and if you don’t see or feel a noticeable difference, return it for a 100% refund of every penny!

I can give this solid guarantee because I know Rebuild is the best product of it’s kind on the market today.

So just click the package you want and we’ll add it to your order instantly and get it rushed right out to you.


Diamond Package

4 Jars - SAVE $74.75!

$239.80 (+ s/h) Just $173

Platinum Package

3 Jars - SAVE $50.80!

$179.85 (+ s/h) Just $137

Gold Package

2 Jars - SAVE $29.14!

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1 Jar - SAVE 32%!3

$59.95 (+ s/h) Just $47.92

I can’t wait to see your results and to see you inside of the Collagen Kickstart.

I’ll see you in a second!


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